Eye Sensitivity

Are you constantly squinting or rubbing your eyes when your around brighter lights? The color of your eyes might be the culprit. Lighter colored eyes are caused by the lack of a pigment called melanin. When you have lighter colored eyes such as blue or green eyes, the light passes easily through the Iris Stroma. The iris Stroma is a fibrovascular layer of tissue, that is made up of a delicate bunch of fibers and cells. The cells reflect light of a darker layer of cells directly behind the Iris Stroma call the epithelium. The longer wavelengths of light get absorbed by the epithelium while the shorter wavelengths, such as ultraviolet blue light and green light goes through a scattering process as the light passes back through the Iris Stroma. Violet blue light as we know has many negative and irreversible effects such as Macular Degeneration.

Due to the minimal amount of pigmentation and the inability to develop melanin people with lighter colored eyes such as blue and green are much more susceptible to being light sensitive. We highly recommend if you have lighter colored eyes to wear Blue light blocking Glasses to prevent any further damage and give you the relief you are in need of.  



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