Bleu Eyewear is leading the fight against harmful Bleu light, with our 100% Bleu Blocking glasses .Our FDA registered lenses will help protect your eyes from harmful Bleu light emitted by your Laptop, Tablets, cell phones, TV’s and florescent light's! All while providing a better nights rest.  

Blue light  has unfortunately become a part of our daily lives , by exposing ourselves to blue light in the later hours of the day we subject our bodies internal clock to an immense amount of damage . This is due to the fact our body begins to suppress the melatonin in our brain and tricks our body into thinking it is still daytime. Our pineal gland is supposed to begin producing melatonin as our day begins to slow down and day turns into night.  

Links to sleeping better include but are not limited to, a healthier immune system, weight management , lower blood pressure, the abilty to learn better and overall happiness.  





Do you have a case of the Bleu's? Here's how we can help! 

We suggest  wearing our 100% Bleu Light Blocking Eyewear 60-90 minutes before you begin your nightly routine. By doing this, you'll  allow your circadian rhythm (otherwise known as your internal body clock) to start the arduous process of returning to normal .

This is due to the fact that your body will begin to naturally produce melatonin at the proper times , as a result you will begin to fall back into a normal sleep cycle. Waking up in the morning feeling rested and ready to meet the day's challenges ahead! 

Do you spend most of your day in front of the computer or under florescent lights? By the end of the day are your eye's dry and irritated, do you leave work with a pounding headache every day? 

The average adult spends close to 10 and a half hours a day in front of one type of screen or another (Computer, TV, Tablet, Smart Phone) The Neilson Company Audience Report 

Common symptoms of overexposure to Blue light include dry eye, fatigue, and headaches. To eliminate these symptoms we recommend wearing a pair of our 100% Bleu Light blocking Glasses any time you are on in front of a screen. This will reduce if not completely eliminate the strain on your eyes and head.  As well as eliminating eye strain, this will continue to allow the body to naturally produce melatonin at the proper times. To ensure that well rested feeling, we all look forward to each morning.