Tortoise  shell- 100% Bleu Light Blocking Glasses - FDA Registered Computer and Gammer Glasses for Anti Eye Fatigue

Trouble sleeping? Long exposure to computer’s, tablets, cellphones or TV’s ?

 Bleu Eyewear is here to cure your BLEU’s!


100% FDA Approved Bleu light blocking lenses

Poly CarbonateShatter proof lenses

100% Hypoallergenic acetate frames

Durable metal spring hinges

Hinges automatically adjust to proper size

Size 51-19-105mm ( expands to 165mm )   

Ability to be adjusted by eye care professional  



By wearing our FDA registered 100% Bleu Light blocking Glasses for 60-90 minutes before bed, you eliminate the risk of insomnia, permanent eye damage, decreased melatonin levels and eye fatigue.

                     Allowing you to achieve a proper night’s rest!


We recommend wearing our glasses anytime you are using a computer, tablet, cellphone or TV to prevent migraines, eye fatigue and headaches  

At Bleu Eyewear we strive to bring nothing but the best to our customers, in a fashion forward and reasonably priced product.